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Spesifikasi umum

  • Allows you to build an advanced production network system with a low cost
  • Uses a Mesh Topology that operates in 2.4 GHz Short-Range wireless technology which ensures the communication reliability in harsh environments
  • Modular steady/flashing type signal tower lights
  • Excellent visibility from a distance with the use of a special color diffusing lens
  • The addition of modules and change in color arrangement can be achieved without the use of tools by using the Lock-type structure
  • QTGA type offers a nifty integrated lens and cover for a simple aesthetically pleasing product
  • Buzzer sound output : Sound volume of Max. 85dB at 1m
  • Available in 2 customized options; sounds buzzer type and high volume(105dB) buzzer type
  • Can be used with NPN open collector transistor driven input, which allows direct connection to a PLC
  • Flashing rate : 60-80 flashes/min
  • Materials : Lens-PC, Housing-ABS