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About Pratama System

Pratama System has been in the trading and distribution business for control and automation components. We have grown to become an established and reputable global player with businesses spanning across Southeast Asia, distributing and representing numerous international brands. Some notable brands under our care include Q-Light, i-Wire, ID Printer and Boxco.

During this time, we have learned and developed many ways to stay competitive in the global environment while ensuring the company’s steady growth. Pratama System takes continuous learning and understanding of our stakeholders crucial to remain relevant in today’s volatile market. Not only restricted to industry and product knowledge, we place great value in learning about our customers’ businesses and what our products can do for them. By analyzing and understanding our customers’ needs, we are better able to provide an accurate analysis and offer a customized solution for our customers.

As the global market becomes increasingly challenging, Pratama System has developed a strong internal structure of highly specialized departments and practices lead by experienced personnel to stay competitive with a proactive business approach. With the experience and capabilities steered by a strong company’s vision to become the leading OEM manufacturer and distributor of control and automation components in APAC, Pratama System strives to provide quality products and services at the most competitive prices in the years to come.