SKMPLR - Streamlined LED Revolving Warning Light with Magnet

Vehicle Series -
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Product details
  • Adopts a special power transmission system that reduces noise and wear
  • Metal body structure inside the cover gives the product a stylish look
  • Exceptional attachment to vehicles which operate in shock and vibration environments The rubber magnet securely attaches along the curved surfaces of the vehicle
  • Detachable rubber magnet equipped to prevent potential scratches in vehicle’s surface
  • Contains a spare bulb inside the product
  • Easy power connection with cigarette lighter plug equipped
  • DC(12V, 24V) only
  • Materials : Lens-PC, Housing-PC, Reflector-PC/STS
  • Revolving speed : 120-140RPM
  • Ambient operating temperature : -20°C to +50°C
  • Protection rating : IP54
Product Specifications
Model number Voltage Current Certificates Weight Color
SKMPLR DC12V 0.422A - 0.63kg R-Red
DC24V 0.266A 0.63kg