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Product details

UNION TOOL attributes its large market share to a high level of quality. This level of quality is a direct result of in-house developed equipment.

The UNION TOOL range of PCB Drills and Routers are produced on proprietary equipment that is both designed and built in-house. This strategy has enabled our engineers to "Design-In" the highest levels of product quality, utilizing 40+ years of knowledge and experience. This advantage has enabled us to install innovative, industry leading equipment such as the DIS (Automatic Optical inspection System for Drill Point control) and ADP (Automatic Drill Pointer for Micro Drills) much earlier than our competitors. It also ensures we adapt much quicker to the demands of Technology or Capacity, such as the growth in micro drills, but with lower levels of investment that help maintain cost competitiveness. Through this strategy UNION TOOL has attained and maintains it's number one market position.

Ultra precision micro-hole drilling tool

Union Tool offers variety of drills to support customer's needs using the cultivated technology in manufacturing cemented carbide drills for PCBs. Especially, strength is shown in manufacturing of ultra precision micro-drill below ø0.1mm. Manufactured ø0.007mm drill, as the smallest size in the production record.

Production record

  • Drills for machining of micro probe checker jigs (pin boards).
  • Drills for machining precision parts.
  • Drills for machining precious metals that are used for decoration.
ø0.030mm drill for machining of micro probe
ø0.030mm drill for machining of micro probe
ø0.030mm drill enlarged cutting tip
ø0.030mm drill enlarged cutting tip

Product lineup

Product Lineup

Product lineup is available from smallest diameter φ0.02

Furthermore, non-standard sizes can be supported depending on the customer's request.