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SESA - ATEX, IECEx, CE and KC Marked Explosion

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Product details
  • Large explosion proof warning light and electric horn combinations
  • A variety of light sources and sound selections to fit your sophisticated application needs
  • Aluminum housing provides excellent durability
  • Fully enclosed structure with protection rating of IP66
  • Integrated housing and terminal box model
  • Excellent diffusion effect with special multifaceted reflector
  • Revolving speed : 120-140RPM
  • Sound volume : Max. 118dB at 1m(Volume adjustable)
  • Standard housing color : MUNSELL No. 7.5BG 7/2
  • Cable entry : 1/2″ NPT
  • Materials : Lens-Tempered glass, Filter-PC, Housing-Al, Protection cage-STS316L, Reflector-PC
  • Certificates : IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, KIMM, KOSHA, ABS, CCS, KR
  • Protection rating :
    IECEx - Ex dⅡC T6 Gb, IP66
    ATEX - Ⅱ2G Ex dⅡC T6, IP66
    NEPSI, KIMM, KOSHA - Ex dⅡC T6, IP66
  • Ambient operating temperature : -40°C ≤ Tamb ≤ +60°C
Product Specifications


Model number Voltage Current Bulb Sound pattern
and volume
Certificates Weight Color
Spec Standard Parts no
SESA DC12V 3.755A 12V15W G23 15S 17 • WS-5 Warning sounds : 118dB

• WP-5 Special warning sounds : 118dB

• WM-5 Melodies : 118dB

• WA-5 Alarms : 115dB

• WV-5 Customizable voices : 113dB
8.57kg R-Red
DC24V 1.788A 24V15W G23 15S 18 8.57kg
AC110V 0.422A 12V15W G23 15S 17 9.27kg
AC220V 0.211A 12V15W G23 15S 17 9.27kg
Sound Tone Combination of Standard Product
Sound Category Sound Tone Channel Sound Volume
WS 5 Warning Sounds Fire.A-ANG Ch1 Max. 118dB
Emergency WA-U(Yelp) Ch2
Ambulance PI-PO(Hi-low) Ch3
Machinery Fault Ch4
High Expansion Ch5
WP 5 Special Warning Sounds (1st Group) Fire.A-ANG Ch1 Max. 118dB
Abandon Alarm Ch2
Machunery Fault Ch3
High Expansion Ch4
7 Short PI. / 1 Long Ch5
WM 5 Melodies Sweet Home Ch1 Max. 118dB
For Elise Ch2
Cuckoo's Waltz Ch3
Piano Sonata Ch4
Turkish March Ch5
WA 5 Alarms Beep Intermittent Ch1 Max. 115dB
Door Chime Ch2
Phone Ring Ch3
PI.PI.PI. Short Interval Ch4
Tripping Beat Ch5
WV 5 Customizable voices Custom made product Ch1   Max. 113dB